Thursday, May 31, 2018

শিল্পবিপ্লবীয় ইংলন্ডে কৃষির বেহাল দশা

the growth rate of agricultural output was much lower than that of population during the British industrial revolution. The men, women and children of Britain relied upon increasing quantities of imported grain or in many cases from the late eighteenth century depressed their consumption of food. Many in Britain went hungry, especially during the very difficult decades of the 1790s, 1830s and 1840s. “If one asks how British agriculture fed the expanding population during the industrial revolution, the answer is – badly,” Robert Allen has concluded.
...Patrick O’Brien and Nicholas Crafts, in separate studies, estimated that consumption of manufactures by agriculturalists increased by 30 percent in the eighteenth century. In that period, manufacturing output increased threefold. After 1800 agriculture’s consumption of manufactures became even less important and urban and export markets were more important. Clearly more than agricultural improvement was necessary to meet the demand for the products of British industry
প্রসন্নন পার্থসারথী, হোয়াই ইওরোপ গ্রিউ রিচ...

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