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Details of the Programme

 Now the details

*        Parampara of Crafts Represents Members of Bangiyo Paramparik Kaaru O Bastra Shilpi Sangha across the West Bengal Wood, Cane, Bamboo, Horn, SholaPith, Paper, Metal, Terracotta, ShitalPati, Mat, Carpet, Jewelery, Mask, Banana Fibre, Water Hyacinth Products, Hand Fan, Jute, Dhokra, ConchCell, Taant & many more
*        The Performing Groups – Dwipjyoti Rural Welfare Society, North Dinajpur – Pala – Bou Aamar Gharer Lakhi, Rabisashi LokGeet Natya Sangstha, Kushmandi – Pala – Mayabandaki & Halua Haluani & Gambhira Naach, Binsukarugach Panchali Pala – Panchali & Dotra, Ramganj Panchali Pala, North Dinajpur, Tin Bhai-er Dui Kissa, Rava Dance by Rava Community, Jalpaiguri, Mech Theatre by Mech Community, Jalpaiguri
*        Exhibition of Traditional Shola Crafts of Dinajpur of Madhumangal Malakar – Featuring HeadGear of Hindu & Muslim Community, Traditional Maska(Mukha), AAkash Pradip, Fanush, Othai-Pothai, Beraa Bhasan, DulDul of Maharam, Tribal Horse, Shola Flower, Shola Jewelery, Bamboo Weaved Mask & many more with text panels
*        In the story telling sessions researchers, writers & traditional craftspersons will share their version of myth, story, life sketches with the august audience. Inaugaration Joya Mitra, Coordination – Madhumita Mukhopadhaya
*        Felicitation of artists, artisans & friends of artisans – Mahasweta Devi, Prasanta Rakshit(Paschim Banga Kheria Sabar Kalyan Samity), Joya Mitra, Madhumita Mukherjee, Sunil Chanda, Subaldas Bairagya(Bahurupi), Madhai Mahanta(Khon), Dulal Ray(Terracotta), Paresh Sarkar – mahisbatan gramin hastashilpa samabay samity(Bamboo), Gauranga Barman(Bamboo), Jotsna Dey(Shilpati), Narayan Pait(Jute Craft), Nitai Nandi(Conch Shell – Sonkho, Cocoanut & Palm Utensils) Basudam Bag(Horn Products), ???(Lac Doll), Bahar & Jamela Chitrakar(Pato Chitro), Ganat Rava(Rava Tradition), Daren Iswarari(Mech Tradition), Bina Dey(Kantha), Malanbala Sarkar(Dhokra, Bamboo Fibre), Aloka Mitra, Indrajit Choudhury, Rantideb Sengupta, Manas Ghosh, Ratan Basu Majumder, Utpal Chakrabarty, Vijay Sharma, Haimanti Chattopadhyay, Sandhi Mukherjee, Rabindranath Pal(Bell Metal), Amal Acharya, K P Sing Deo,
Maximum of 25 heads can participate in a workshop.
You & Your Institution can participate in the workshop. Pls inform well in before.

The Festival
North Bengal is the pristine geographical region. Though the mainstream cultural expressions of Kolkata used to copycat some of the folk expressions of North Bengal(Like Madhab Malanchi Kainya) hardly any folk theatre, dances, crafts(apart from two or three popular items) come across south Bengal.
Kalaboti Mudra and Bangiya Paromporik Kaaru O Bastra Shilpi Sangha, an association of traditional artists, artisans, weavers of Bengal in association with Banglar Bratochari Samity and Gurusaday Museum organizing one of its kind Festival of North Bengal UTTORRONGO, from 10th to 20th May, 2012 on the eve of the birth day of Gurusaday Dutt.
The Venue
Gurusaday Museum will host the festival. This is the 50th year of its existence.
The Inaugurators
Mahasweta Devi and Madhai Mahanto of Khon Gaan of North Bengal will  inaugurate the programme.
The Facilitation
The traditional artists and artisans of west Bengal will facilitate Mahasweta Devi for her contribution to the culturalscape of west bengal. at the sametime Mahasweta wil facilitate 20 another artisans and artists & friends of artisans of west Bengal.  
The Mela
All the artists across the Bengal will participate in this mela. This is the first time in the history of Bengal, where every genre of traditional crafts used to be participating here. Various cultural expressions & Basketry of Kheriya Shobors of Purulia will be highlighted at the mela. This is the first time this kind of mela is being organized in Behala-Barisha-Thakurpukur areas.
The Exhibition
An extraordinary exhibition of Traditional  Shola Crafts of Dinajpur by Madhumangal Malakar will be organized where various shola crafts of village rituals of tribals, hindus as well as muslims will be shown with special text panels. This is the first time of the history of culturalscape of Bengal, this kind of exhibition taking place in Kolkata.
Two gates will be erected at two entry point of the venue with north Bengal bamboo, jute, straw and various other materials. It will be a work of art.
Storytelling Sessions
The traditional participants will share their myths, experiences, traditions to the audience
The Cultural Expressions
Various folk culture teams(mentioned above at the bottom of the table) will participate in the 11 day jamboree. This is the first time where Khon, Mukha Kheil will be performed at Kolkata..
Public Relation
Posters & banners can be displayed at various districts of west Bengal as Bangiya Paromporik Kaaru O Bastra Shilpi Sangha has a wide presence(as a district committee) in all over the geographical area.
As this is the first of its kind in the area organizers are expecting about 5,000 footfalls at the venue. The organizers will personally visit community clubs – Behala-Barisha-Thakurpukir Club Samanyay,  as well as housing complex owners associations – Residents welfare Associations to visit this event.  
Apart from this initiatives, massive poster & banner campaign will be launched in this particular geographical area as well as Kolkata & all the districts of Bengal to make this event talk of the people.

For The Sponsors
This is going to be the most premier events of Kolkata and Kalaboti Mudra and its associates will launch this event every year hereafter. This is the first time Kolkata is hosting North Bengal Festival named as UTTORRONGO – of such grand scale. This event on its own will crate own snowball effect. Apart from its own strength, Barisha-Behala-Thakurpukur-Joka-Pailan stretch of geographical areas do not have such magnitude of events earlier, thus it will attract more footfall as well as eyeball to the show. For last few decades a rapid expansion of middleclass-upper-middleclass population has been happened in this area, who can qualitatively and quantitatively contribute a positive support to this programme. So putting advertisement or sponsoring this event at this stretch and at the venue can create a profitable mileage for the advertisers.
Sponsoring this event can create an emotional bondage to the people of North Bengal for the advertisers certainly.

The sponsors will get sufficient media and eye-ball attractions. Name/Brands of the major sponsors(Above Rs.1,00,000 worth) will be placed in all the printouts and flyers or media campaign. Total Branding will put Name/Brands of the sponsor in the front of the event name i.e., AIRMAIL UTTORRONGO.
Main event banner will be displayed at the venue prior to 20 days of the inauguration. The frontage of the Gurusaday Museum is massive and the attraction of this banner will be a major one as this place is the entry point to the Kolkata, laks of commuters used to play to and fro by this point.

Kalaboti Mudra,
It is to inform that I/We do want to contribute to the cause you are doing. To make this unique cultural show a success, we do want to sponsor above mentioned quotes.

A draft/chaque/cash worth ………………………………………  drawn on “Kalaboti Mudra, Bank of India, Jawharlal Nehru Road Branch” no. ………………………………………………………has been crossed to support the cause.
The matter has been enclosed with this form.
Thanking you
Yours truly,

Signature with Seal

Pla Visit the extraordinary Show

UTTORRONGO On the Birthday of Gurusaday DuttJi
An Exposition of
Traditional Crafts,
& Foods
North Bengal

At Gurusaday Museum, Bratacharigram, Joka, West Bengal,
10th May Thursday to 20th  May, Sunday, 2012

Traditional Shola Mask, Melli, Ghora, Topor Crafts Exposition by Madhumangal Malakar, Dinajpur, Khaon, Ganbhira, GhoraNaach, ChadarBadar, Tukhya,  Various other traditional Crafts of West Bengal
ORGQNISED BY: Bangiya Paramparik Kaaru O Bastra Shilpi Sangha, Gurusaday Sangrahashala,
Banglar Bratachari Samity & Kalaboti Mudra
গুরুসদয় দত্তজীর জন্মদিন উপলক্ষ্যে
উত্তরবঙ্গের শোলাশিল্প, লোকনাট্য, গল্পবলা এবং বাঙলার হস্তশিল্প প্রদর্শণ
গুরুসদয় সংগ্রহশালা, ব্রতচারীগ্রাম, জোকা
১০ মে, বৃহস্পতিবার -২০ মে, রবিবার, ২০১২

বঙ্গীয় পারম্পরিক কারু ও বস্ত্র শিল্পী সংঘ,
গুরুসদয় সংগ্রহশালা,
বাংলার ব্রতচারী সমিতি
কলাবতী মুদ্রা
উত্তরবঙ্গের লৌকিক মুখোশ, মেল্লি, ঘোড়া, টোপর, ইত্যাদির প্রদর্শণ- মধুমঙ্গল মালাকার.
খন নাটক, গম্ভীরানাচ, ঘোড়ানাচ, চদরবদর পুতুল নাচ, তুখ্যাগান, খনগান, বন্ধুয়ালাগান
এবং পশ্চিমবাঙলার কারুশিল্পীদের সমারোহ