Thursday, May 31, 2018

একটি ছোট্ট জ্ঞানচুরির নিদর্শন - নৌকো প্রযুক্তি

In the early nineteenth century, F. Balthazar Solvyns, a Flemish artist and author of a work on boats in Bengal, declared that “the present-day Hindus can still offer models to Europe. The English have borrowed from the Hindus many improvements which they have adapted with success to their own shipping.” 
Although Solvyns does not elaborate, one Indian improvement that had its admirers, but had not yet been transferred to Europe, was the use of gulgul, which a British shipowner described as a “kind of hard lime, a cement that is laid at the bottom, and it hardens like stone; and in case the copper was to get off, it would not be penetrated by the worm.” Indian innovations such as gulgul indicate that the knowledge and technological capabilities of Indian shipbuilders were in some respects superior to those of Europe.
প্রসন্নন পার্থসারথির - হোয়াই ইওরোপি গ্রিউ রিচ... থেকে
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