Monday, February 10, 2014

একটি গুরুত্বপূর্ণ বিষয় - জনগণের ইস্তেহার৩, Peoples’ Demands in Election Manifesto of the Political Parties3

1.    People’s Right to Natural Resources:

·         Ensure Land and Agriculture Right to poor and marginal segment of the country
·         Forest Right as per Forest Rights Act 2006 to the traditionally forest dependent people
·         Ensure Water as the common people’s right not for sale to the corporates.
·         Treat Minerals are National property not to fulfill the greed of the corporate by destroying the land and forest, meant for the survival of Adivasi, Dalits and other common people of the country 

2.    Protection of Child Rights:

·         Ensure Protection  from Child Mortality (Institutional delivery for safe child-birth & Immunisation from Communicable diseases)
·         Guarantee for Early Childhood Care
·         Right to Free and Compulsory Education and Development (Inclusion, retention & quality education and exploration of her/his full potential)
·         Ensure Abolition of Child Labour
·         Ensure Right to protection from Abuse.

3.    Gender Equality and Empower of Women:

·         Affirmative action has been used to correct gender imbalances
·         Stop Female foeticides and all sorts of negligence on girl child
·         Guaranteed Protection of Women against violence  in family, work-place or in other social and cultural places
·         Ensure proper Ratios of girls to boys in primary, secondary and tertiary education
·         Guarantee for maintenance of proper Ratio of literate females to males of 15-24 years.
·         Introduce equal land right to women of the family
·         Ensure proper share of women in wage employment in the non-agricultural sector
·         Guarantee for equal remuneration for women employees at per the other male employers engaged in same nature of work.

·         Introduce Proportion of seats to be held by women in national parliament & State assemblies 
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