Monday, February 10, 2014

একটি গুরুত্বপূর্ণ বিষয় - জনগণের ইস্তেহার২, Peoples’ Demands in Election Manifesto of the Political Parties2

1.    illennium Development Goals (MDG): The UN Summit on the Millennium Development Goals concluded with the adoption of a global action plan to achieve the eight anti-poverty goals by their 2015 target date and the announcement of major new commitments for women's and children's health and other initiatives against poverty, hunger and disease. These goals were committed by the respective Governments in UNO; but it is now far away in India from its fulfilment within 2015 and necessary steps are to be taken to reach to the Goals as early as possible even beyond 2015.

2.    Ending Poverty with Ensuring Right to Livelihood with Dignity

·         To eradicate poverty & hunger, State should be liable for Proper Food Security to all section of people by providing adequate food as per the nutrition standard approved by UNO & WHO.
·         Public Distribution System needs to be strengthened with regular and adequate supply of food and other essential commodities like fuel to cook and electricity for all household.
·         Regular employment of all the toiling masses through effective implementation of MGNREGS and other Acts and Schemes, not only for 100 days but beyond that, at least 200 days  per year with need based minimum wage.
·         Provide Clothes at an affordable price, for all family-members, appropriate to their culture,
ensuring the quality; at least one full set of clothing per year based on the correct size, season and climate,
·         Habitable Shelter to all including footpath dwellers, as per International Humanitarian Standard (25m2 per person for a family of five ) with a cheaper price and long term easy-monthly-instalments
·         Health  Protection including safe-maternity and Adequate Medical Facilities including hospitalisation facilities in gram-panchayat level;  strengthening effecting implementation of NRHM & NUHM 

·         Social Securities to All (Old Age Protection, Death and Disability and other benefits in need)
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