Monday, February 10, 2014

একটি গুরুত্বপূর্ণ বিষয় - জনগণের ইস্তেহার৫, Peoples’ Demands in Election Manifesto of the Political Parties5

1.    Right to Work, Employment regulation and Social Security for Unorganised Workers:

·         Formulate Comprehensive Welfare Legislation for the Unorganised Sector Workers in the Country ensuring right to work, protection of regular employment and social security.
·         Constitute National Wage Policy ensuring the concept of Need Based Minimum Wage.
·         Constitute separate Welfare Legislation for the workers in the Agricultural Sector.
·         Extend Implementation of MNREGA for 200 days in a year to all rural workers.
·         Implement total implementation of the Building and Other Construction Workers (Regulation of Employment and Conditions of Service) Act, 1996 in all the States of the Country by framing the appropriate Rules there under and constituting and activating Welfare Boards immediately.
·         Ensure better working conditions, protection of right to life and livelihood of the crafts persons and rural artisans in the country.
·         Curb the existing infirmities in the implementation of the Inter State Migrant Workers (Regulation of Employment and Conditions of Service) Act, 1976 in respect of their exploitation and identity crises.
·         Formulate the Welfare Legislation for the Domestic Workers in the Country by introduction of legal provisions for minimum wage & Social Security ensuring a measure of welfare and conditions of service.
·         Stop all sorts of harassment and exploitation  by the  employers of Domestic Workers.
·         Constitute Domestic Workers' National Welfare Board.
·         Implement properly the Forest Rights Act, 2006 for the forest workers.
·         Constitute a separate Ministry for Fisheries and Fisher’s Welfare.
·         Protect the Rights of the Small and Traditional Fishing Communities.
·         Formulate A Comprehensive Legislation to Save the Coastal Natural Resources.
·         Scrap the provisions for bringing in foreign fishing vessels in the name of ‘joint venture’, withdraw permits to foreign vessels already fishing in the Indian EEZ,
·         Stop promoting corporate involvement in deep sea fishing and reserve the deep sea resources for the benefit of fishing communities.
·         Stop all sorts of Bans and Restrictions on Fishing Through Environmental Laws and MCPAs:
·         Ratify and implement the ILO’s Work in Fishing Convention, 2007, and extend its provisions to all fishers, to improve their working and living conditions.
·         Unorganised workers in Tea Garden should get proper social security.
·         Tea Garden workers in Assam and West Bengal are basically the indigenous people forcibly migrated from the then Bihar (now Jharkhand) and West Bengal, Similarly several dalits and backward people from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh came to West Bengal to work in Jute, Cotton, Engineering and other allied industries. But due to several reasons a large number of tea gardens and most of the Jute, cotton and engineering industries are closed leading to unemployment, they should get social recognition and protection from the Government.
2.    Environment Protection & Sustainability:

·         Ensure People’s Protection of land area covered by forest
·         Ensure Ratio of area protected to maintain biological diversity to surface area
·         Scientific control of Energy use to protect environment
·         Control on Carbon dioxide emissions  and consumption of ozone-depleting
·         Stop man-made emissions of  greenhouse gases
·         Ensure peoples control for using of solid fuels
·         Ensure peoples control with sustainable access to improved water sources both in
urban and rural areas
·         Guarantee for  people’s access to improved sanitation
·         Plantation of trees and wild animals should be properly protected.
·         Appropriate technology should be implemented.
·         100% use of Bio Fertilizer and Bio Pesticides in agriculture and to aware of the farmers about farming with minimum uses of water,
·         pollution need to be checked from ground level
·         Connection of Rivers should be stopped as it will make adverse effect on nature.
·         Save wet lands to protect biodiversity of the nature.

·         To mitigate and overcome the devastation caused by flood & drought appropriate, sustainable and long-term initiatives will be taken up by the Govt
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