Wednesday, February 17, 2016

ভারতীয় জ্ঞানচর্চার ইতিহাস - কলণবিদ্যা

THE METHODOLOGY OF INDIAN MATHEMATICS প্রবন্ধে নামহীন এক লেখক লিখছেন, (যতদূর সম্ভব ধরমপালজী)
Detailed proofs are provided in the Indian texts on mathematics is due to Charles Whish who, in an article published in 1835, pointed out that infinite series for π and for trigonometric functions were derived in texts of Indian mathematics much before their ‘discovery’ in Europe. Whish concluded his paper with a sample proof from the Malayalam text Yuktibhāùā of the theorem on the square of the diagonal of a right angled triangle and also promised that:
A further account of the Yuktibhāsā, the demonstrations of the rules for the quadrature of the circle by infinite series, with the series for the sines, cosines, and their demonstrations, will be given in a separate paper: I shall therefore conclude this, by submitting a simple and curious proof of the 47th proposition of Euclid [the so called Pythagoras theorem], extracted from the Yuktibhāsā.

সিদ্ধান্ত নেওয়ার দায় আপনাদের।
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