Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Proposal for South Asian Youth Convention to form a South Asian Youth Organisation

Dear friends,

Is there any proposal, plan or program to organise a true South Asia
Youth Forum through a South Asian Youth Convention from your
organization or any other organisation?
It means to form a real South Asian Youth Organisation to combat
Imperialist and communal design of exploitation in each and every
meanings (considering present Social -political & economic situation
of South Asia).

What kind of necessary effort you can extend if the first Convention
convey at Nepal or Bharat.

If it is in Bharat, we have no big problem other than invitation to
Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Maldive, Afghanistan. We have no
definite serious contact in those countries.

This year is the year of Centenary of Ghadar Party, Centenary of
Kamagatamaru episode, 70 years of Provisional Azad Hind Government and
98 years of Huqumat-e-Azad Hind, a glorious historical period of our
Liberation struggle against British Colonialism.

There is some South Asian Forum or Conventions. Though some of those
efforts are honest and serious but those are neither challenging the
situation nor coming up as a threat to present exploitative design of
'Development' & 'War against terrorism' involving actual stake

Therefore a joint, rational, logical and scientific effort is very much require.

Please response with your idea and thought regarding the proposal and
if agree kindly write what kind of organisational responsibility you
are able to share including who are the strength (organisaions &
individuals of South Asian Youth).
It can only be happened after the general election of Bangladesh
(January 2014) and Bharat (April-May 2014).

Manik Samajdar
General Secretary, Bharat Chapter
Bangladesh Bharat Pakistan People's Forum /
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