Thursday, November 7, 2013

Special conference on Environment Movement and Organization6

Conference Topics for Submission of Abstracts/Papers

Following are the Topics on which the abstracts/Papers will be considered:

1.      Experience of BAPA
2.      Experience of other pro-environment organizations
3.      Experience of BEN
4.      Experience of the environment movement in South Asia
5.      Experience of the international environment movement
6.      Dhaka Declaration 2010 on Bangladesh environmental problems
7.      Main organizational principles of BAPA and BEN
8.      Environment Movements’ Relationship with the government, state, and administration
9.      Relationship with political parties and professional, social, cultural, and sports organizations
10.  Cooperation with labor movement in improving work-environment
11.  Relationship with educational establishments, teachers, scholars, and intellectual community
12.  Expansion of the environment movement among students and the youth
13.  Research on BAPA, BEN, and the environment movement
14.  Role of the environment movement in the coming elections
15.  Others if any.
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