Thursday, November 7, 2013

Special conference on Environment Movement and Organization3

Agenda of the conference

The conference will discuss the following topics.

Experience of BAPA

All local branches of BAPA will hold their conferences before the national conference and will adopt written reports. These reports will include: (i) list of local environmental problems; (ii) proposed solutions to these problems; (iii) suggestions about what can be done at the local level to solve these problems and what initiatives local BAPA has taken; (iv) what is expected of central BAPA in solving these problems. These reports will be placed at the national conference. The local conferences will also elect delegates to the national conference.

In places where formal BAPA branches have not yet been formed, but pro-environment forces are working towards formation of a branch, they will also be invited to hold local conferences and adopt reports following the format mentioned above. They can also send delegates to the conference.

BAPA centre will also present at the conference a report on its organizational work.

Experience of other pro-environment organizations

Other pro-environment organizations of Bangladesh will be invited to present reports on their work and experience.

Experience of BEN

The experience of BEN in organizing non-resident Bangladeshis for protection of environment will be discussed. To this end, global BEN and BEN chapters in different countries of the world will be invited to present reports.

Experience of the environment movement in South Asia

Representatives of environment movement of South Asian countries, in particular of India and Nepal will be invited to present their experience that is relevant for Bangladesh.

Experience of the international environment movement

Representatives of environment movements in other countries of the world and of various international environment organizations will be invited to present their experience that is relevant for Bangladesh.

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