Thursday, November 7, 2013

Special conference on Environment Movement and Organization2

What is the experience in making use of modern communication technology, including cell phone, Internet, for promotion of the environment movement? How can the internet-based social media avenues, such a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. can be used more effective for spreading the environment movement?

How successful has the environment movement been in drawing the youth and students? What are the obstacles in this regard? What is BAPA’s record in reaching out to the educational establishments, teachers, researchers, and the intellectual community? How successful has BAPA been in gathering information and promoting research on Bangladesh environment?

There are many individuals, groups, and organizations who are engaged in various efforts to conserve and nurture nature. How can the environment movement establish contact with them and join forces with them?

How can BAPA link up and cooperate with the trade union and labor movement of the country in protecting work environment?

What is the experience of BAPA-BEN cooperation in protecting Bangladesh environment? How can non-resident Bangladeshis (NRB) be drawn more closely to the environment movement? What is the experience of BEN in organizing NRB for protection of environment? How can BEN be stronger and spread further?

What can Bangladesh learn from the environment movement of other countries of the world? How well connected is BAPA and BEN with international organizations working for protection of environment? What is the experience of this connection? How can this connection can be widened, strengthened, and made more effective?

How connected is Bangladesh environment movement with the environment movement of other countries of the sub-continent, in particular, of India? How can this connection be made stronger and more fruitful?

Members of BAPA, BEN, and the environment movement in general have been facing, asking, and thinking about these and similar other questions for a long time now. Since 2000, BAPA and BEN, together with other pro-environment organizations and establishments of the country, have been organizing almost every year special conferences focused on particular environmental problems of Bangladesh. In 2000, 2002, and 2010 they held international conferences with comprehensive agenda covering almost all major environmental issues. Organizational issues did crop up in these conferences, however their detailed was not possible. A separate, special conference focused on organizational issues has therefore become necessary. It is to respond to this vital necessity that the current conference on “Environmental Movement and Organization” has been convened.

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