Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Application to Mayor of Kolkata

Kolkata Municipal Corporation                                                                                         Date: 11th June 2014
Kind Attention: The Honourable Mayor

Dear Sir
Greetings from LokFolk Consortium!!
We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as a consortium dedicated to research and promote traditional Arts & Crafts with focus in Bengal.
Our constituents are such organisation as Bongio Paromporik Karu O Bostro Silpi Sangha and Bongio Paromporik Obhikor Silpi Sangha, which are essential federation of artisans and craft person and performing artists.
We wish to further take this opportunity to appeal to you and your esteemed institution for the following:
1. That we are desirous to organise Bengal Expo – An event of exhibition, sale and performance foregrounding and thematic of districts of West Bengal and its cultural heritage. Conceived as a 10days event, preceding Mahalaya, the event is expected to dually showcase Bengali Culture as well as generate a handsome commerce, which would directly affect the artisans and craft person and performing artists.
2. Further to Bengal Expo, we wish to create a Bengal Corner – a prominent semi-permanent gazebo structure preferably within a museum, again serving multipurpose causes like exhibition, sale, education et al.
Apropos the above, we hereby request you to kindly look into the matter and extend the service of your kind office. As of now, our idea is to hold the Bengal Expo at the Star Theatre and erect the Bengal Corner at the Kolkata Corporation, Chaplin Square. Further considering the scale and scope of the above project, we would request you to consider incorporating your esteemed institution in the project in whatever possible way(s) you can. We are open to adoption, association, sponsorship or any other possibilities.
We look forward to your active participation and support of your kind office.
Thanks and regards,
With best wishes!!

LokFolk Consortiums


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