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সিআইআইকে পাঠানো স্থায়ী প্রদর্শনীর প্রস্তাব২, Proposal for Erecting Bengal Corner At CII Eastern Region2

আগেরটা বোধহয় ভুল লিখেছিলাম। সেটা ছিল দুটি সংগঠনের পরিচয় বর্ণন। এবারে যাচ্ছে আমরা কি করব, কার কি কি দায়িত্ব থাকবে ইত্যাদি।
এ নিয়ে পরে বিশদে কিছু লেখার ইচ্ছে রইল।
Bengal Corner
Bengal Corner is being envisaged as permanent exhibits of Tradition; Bengal. It is being conceived as an expression of Bongio Paromparik ... the tactile, visible extension of the consortium itself and its members’ strength vide the artefacts and craft items exhibited for policy makers/intellectuals as well for commerce. In the short run the consortium expects gaining certain discursive momentum from the Bengal Corner which definitely would be translatable as positive impact on livelihood of its members in the long run.
Bengal Corner can comprise such items as:
Sonkho Shilpo – the conch art.
Itself the conch and the utilities made of conch, unique handicrafts and artefacts of the Sakharis of Bengal from districts of Dinajpur, Purulia, Bankura & such.
Mrityka Shipo – Terracotta & clay sculpting art.
Much adored religio-ceremonial pieces, decorative, toys and such from across Bengal especially Nadia, 24Parganas, Bankura & such.
Ghash Shilpo – The grass art.
Useable and artefacts done in grass – Babui grass & Golden grass. Essentially tribal art commonly practised by Sabars of Jungle Mahal.
Bansh Shilpo – Bamboo craft.
Not just the bamboo itself, but weathering and utilizing the fibre made of bamboo to create utilities and decorative. This is done across Bengal especially Malda.
Mukhosh Shilpo – The masks of Bengal.
Wooden masks & Shola masks for Mask dance of Dinajpur, Chhou Mask of Purulia.
Dokra Shilpo – The unique adaptation of lost wax method of metals into creations, a practise of Bardhaman and Bankura.
Kather Shilpo – Artistry and creation in wood. This is done across Bengal.
Paat Shilpo – Artistry on Jute.
The dhokras of Rajbanshis, Jute utilities of Howrah and Hooghly and other adaptations.
Few specialities: The Buffalo horn utilities of East Medinipur, the coconut shell items of Purulia and Bankura, the stone crafts of West Medinipur and Bankura, the Shital-Patis of Cochbehar, the speciality containers – Sherpai (Suri Bowl) across Birbhum and the Poto-Chitras of Medinipur.
And, certain singularities and unique practises like Dashabotar Tash, the singular playing card creation kept alive by the Foujdars of Bishnupur, Bankura and the Galar-Putul, lac coated terracotta toys from Khorui village of Medinipur.
The Bengal Corner typically would display a minimum of 10 maximum of 15 items, rotated every quarter. The display per se should include text panel and the items inside casing and introduction in English and Bengali on both sides of the casing.
The necessity technicalities for Bengal Corner are as follows;
Show case: The existing showcase in CII-ER office, one on the right hand wall on entering the main office entrance can be utilized for the purpose with certain remodelling and alterations like:
1. Utilizing the adjacent meeting room glass panes for introduction on both sides of the case, one for Bengali & the other for English. The introduction can be written texts & photographs on flex, fitted on the panes.
2. The outer walls of the existing showcase can be retained, but the selves within the cabinet will have to be adjustable glass pieces for be fitment of individual exhibit items according to its size and shape. The artefacts will be displayed with individual tag describing the background, tradition and the current status.
3. Inside zone (soft focus) lighting is required inside the cabinet on all four corners and centre of all the four wall panels.
We would provide the actual exhibit list along with a handling instruction for the same post agreement with CII in the above T&C.
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