Sunday, July 13, 2014

সিআইআইকে পাঠানো স্থায়ী প্রদর্শনীর প্রস্তাব, Proposal for Erecting Bengal Corner At CII Eastern Region

Bangio Paromporik
At the outset, we introduce us as a consortium dedicated in promotion of Tradition; Bengal
with a focus on art & craft. We are unison of such trust(s) as:
Kalabati Mudra (estd 2009-10) – engaged and focused in research and academia of and
about arts, artisan, crafts and craftsperson tradition and beyond. It publishes the flagship
organ of the consortium - ‘PARAM’.
Bangio Paromparik Karu O Bostro Shilpi Sangha
Bangio aromparik Obhikar Shilpi Sangha
The association boasts of more than 2000 members distributed across the districts of
Bengal. The association itself is a member of South Asian Grass-root Level Development
The association is in understanding with Quotient Partner Consultants and engaged it as
lead consultants of the consortium.
It is to be further noted that the consortium is credited with such exhibitions and repertoire
as UttarRango 2012 at Gurusaday Museum, Kolkata; as participant at Delhi Book Fair 2013;
Puja exhibition 2013 at Greater Noida, Gautam Budhha Nagar; as participant at Boishakhi
Mela 2013, Gulshan – Dhaka
The consortium hereby appeals to Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), Eastern Regional
Office for cooperation and creation of a Bengal Corner within CII’s Kolkata office premise.
We have noted that the CII Kolkata is a major centre of confluence for Policy makers,
Industry Captains, Intellectuals and such. We strongly suggest, keeping in mind CII Eastern
Region’s thrust in Social Spending and Responsibility, erection of Bengal Corner – A
promotional showcase of the Tradition; Bengal handicrafts and artefacts. We believe that
the Bengal Corner would be of interest to the entire crowd mentioned above & thereby can
become the source point of future policy/trade and beyond.
(estd 2011-12) – These are essential
associations of artisans, crafts persons and
performing artists engaged in promotion
of produce and performance of members.

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