Sunday, July 3, 2011

Folk Tourism With a New High … Hug a tree, sleep in a tree… Exclusive for Green Traveler

It seems that now it’s not enough to just hug a tree, you now need to also sleep in a tree…. Even in a night

KalabotiMudra-Season4 TreeHouses, Jalpaiguri, West Bengal, India
From the 2011 Durga Puja onwards, Green Traveler can sleep in a tree, even in the night.
KalbotiMudra-Season4 is come up with a game changing proposal of promoting community in situ tourism in most of the parts of North Bengal.
The first of its kind is now coming up at Rava Village of the Khuttimari Range of North Bengal.
Room rent around $34/room/night.
Package starts from $80/room/night it can reach upto $200/room/night, depending on services and other facilities availed. Each room is equipped with a bathroom and telephone.
The room rent will be excluded of food, local sight scene, pick up & drop in from Jalpaiguri Rail Station(50 KM from the spot) or Dhupguri Rail Station Kamrup Exp(D17.35- A7.45), Teestatorsa Exp(D13.40- A6.30), Kanchanjangha Exp (D6.35 – A20.05), Guwahati Exp(D11.15 – A22.50) 
This is a proposed interior model of tree house to be built on a tropical rainforest tree at the Rava Village, Khuttimari Range, Jalpaiguri.

The only access to the tree house is by  KalabotiMudra-Season4 vehicle through a local stream. The tree house is located in a protected rainforest at the Khuttimari Range, surrounded by the village of the Rava Tribe of North Bengal.
These rooms are all eco-friendly and use alternative energy to keep running.
There are two double bedded rooms in solace tree houses.
Children will be allowed with proper extra cost.

The Promoters at a nutshell
*       KalabotiMudra is a trust body.
*       Season4 is a reputed eco & folk tourism marketing outfit working for more than 10 years
*       KalabotiMudra is working with traditional artisans and performing artists for more than two decades.
*       The aim is to develop communities by promoting their environment to the outside world.
*       Folk Tourism is one of the tool by which the community can be developed.
*       Through it is propagating traditional knowledge to the outside world

*       Is the hotel is locally owned? How does the hotel contribute to the local community?
As KalabotiMudra is promoting organizations of the indigenous community of Bengal, this property will be partly operated by the community itself served by Season4 market knowledge. The portion of the profit will be injected to the community so that it can develop by its own philosophy & will without outside interference.
*       Is it staffed by employees from the community?
Certainly. Most of the staffs are from the community so that the people can get the local flavor and uninterrupted services.
*       What programs does the hotel have to reduce consumption? Examples include energy-efficient lighting, low-flow toilets and showers, and alternative energy sources like solar or wind power.
We are operating within the international eco-tourism norm.  We are using local knowledge to build the tree house with the modern input from various green structural engineers so that people can feel the pulse of the root. We are using the water of the community stream so that the water our patrons get is totally mineral rich and unpolluted by modern culture.
*       Is your hotel near lines of public transportation? Or do you have a bike rental program?
Only the KalabotiMudra-Season4 car can only access the community.  It is an eco-friendly battery or gas operated vehicle devoid of nasty hydrocarbon. We have a manually operated by-cycle rental programme. People can avail it.  
*       Do you serve local foods?
Certainly. All foods are locally grown & devoid of PoP chemicals. Foods will be prepaired by the local cooks, local menu, with local ingredients. There may be a dash of change to cater the taste buds of citypents.
*       Do you have a sustainable swimming pool?
We have a natural local stream with unpolluted mineral water.

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