Thursday, April 1, 2010

Khan of Dinajpur

Khan' This Folk form is a unique Folk culture form typical to the 'Dinajpur' region. It is an age-old folk-cultural form practised by the rural people of the District – mainly belonging to the scheduled caste & scheduled tribe communities.

'Khan' intermingled with dialogues. The language is, of course, Bengali in the form of local dialect. Songs used to be composed and tuned by the participants. Nowadays, someone capable from the performing teamtakes the responsibility. Songs and dialogues are improvised, hence the lack of written manuscripts.
'Khan' deals with any local scandalous incident or illicit act committed by any local person. Some pundits interpret 'Khan' as scandalous events. 'Khan' performers are mostly concentrated in Kushmandi & Bangshihari Blocks. The performances take place in the open and continues from late evening to the wee hours of the morning.
'Khan' teams and players nowadays are scattered almost all over the district. There are professional 'Khan' troupes. Their performances are seasonal particularly after the harvesting season is over and when rural people have money in their pocket to spend on entertainment. Some of the notable 'Khan' palas are – 'Cyclesari', 'Budhasari', etc.
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