Monday, April 12, 2010

A Letter From Our Friend

Dear Biswendu Nanda,

Just i have looked "Folk Transport of Bengal" posted on 12th April 2010.

The portion you have written on 'BOAT' is not true in many sence
1. You cannot say "boat is generally of three categories" because the
categories differ and you have not mentioned on which basis. it has to
be on the basis of technology or on the basis of its outer look or on
the basis of its purpose.

anyhow Bazra to me refers to a class of boats used by affluent people
and at present the nomenclature used by ignorant people. the boat has
lost its existence and doesn't have any ingenuity on its technological

Kosha , a flat bottomed boat widely used in mainly North bengal is not
at all a warboat. can you clarify?

and lastly all other small boats are "DINGA" is absolutely rubbish. in
bengal we have pauka, patia, salti, chhot, bachhari and so many other.
these are all small boats.
if you would like to know about boats please can see some photos and
their names in my blog.

with regards,

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