Saturday, April 18, 2009


The main centre for traditional stone carving in West Bengal is Simulpur in Sildah areas of Paschim(West) Mednipur and the carvers here are known as Sildah. Phyllite, a semi-soft blackish-grey stone, is sculptured into a large variety of utensils with the help of indigenous hand operated lathes to make bowls, cups and plates of various shapes and sizes.
Bardhaman with Patun and Dainhata are the other important centers for stone carving in West Bengal and the stone carvers of this area are also known as Bhaskars or Sutradhars. Figures are carved here for temples and home. The use of brick-red stone is predominant here out of which the Sutradhar sculptors have carved panels and plaques for the temples in the region.
Apart from the utensils and temple architecture, the most common subject for stone carving in West Bengal are the intricately carved elephants and Goddess Durga.
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