Tuesday, April 28, 2009

An Appeal

KalabotiMudra is working in the Kanthalguri Tea Estate(KTE)in the field of documentation and dessemonation of tribal culture with active association with Poschim Bongo Yuva Kalyan Mancha(PBYKM).
The KTE facing closure during last 7 years, from 2002. Various necessary public utilities like water supply, healing system, electricity are not available there. The workers are living like at hell.
PBYKM is working there to facilitate various services to the KTE workers, women self-help groups and the OMC(Operating Management Committee). The intervention of the PBYKM helped a lot to the beneficiaries of the KTE beneficiaries. It is a fact that the movement of the PBYKM helped the state government to formulate a pension scheme for the workers not only of the KTE but all the closed tea gardens.
They are now planing to revitalize the income generation plan for the s-h groups with active help from the OMC and other state government agencies. They are now planning to organise some active groups who will organize kitchen garden and nursery beds to make tea bush seedlings from mother bush. The garden have the capacity to do this.
In the contrary Kalaboti Mudra is working to document and dissemination of tea garden culture which is part and parcel of Bengali culture and still a neglected area. So Kalaboti Mudra with active infrastructural help from PBYKM started a base work there. It is a fact that some years back Kalaboti Mudra surveyed some tea gardens for this purpose but could not do more because of scarcity of fund.
This time PBYKM giving Kalaboti Mudra a positive support of their infrastructure to do the work once more.
we are asking a meager fund to support this initiative which is not more than Rs, 1,00,000 for a year.
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