Saturday, April 18, 2009


Practiced in Tribal areas of Bangla. The Bhumija kings of Jharhkandi areas of Bengal introduced courtyard dance. Later disintegration of king’s court let the women assimilated in the folk community and developed a different style on their own. They are social outcast. But most of them like PostoBala, BimalaDevi are most popular in this area. One can find at least 50000 people in a naachni programme. A group of women use to dance and then the Rasik use to play madal or harmonium or other instruments and sings Jhumurs accordingly.
Rasiks are the guardians of the Naachnis. They are the trainers and singers. Naachnis use to stay with Rasiks in his house with a separate arrangements. Naachnis are social out casts, but they are the stars of Jharkhandi belt.
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