Tuesday, February 10, 2009



West Bengal situated in the eastern parts of India. The essence of Arya-Brahmin culture influenced this parts of the world much later parts. Mostly the history of Aryan cultural dominance began not earlier than 1000 years. Mostly Buddhist, Folk and Tantric culture was practiced then. At that time the northern heartland of India engulfed by the Arya-Brahmin culture. Just after the Gupta dynasty the Brahmins came and began to settle in Bengal. The Aryanization completed in the upper and the middle class of the society at the time of Sen-Barman dynasty. If we began to unveil the lower strata of the social pyramid the relics of the traditional and ancient culture can be observed. Even today, at the beginning of the new millennium, one can find out the root of traditional culture in various many rituals, more and taboos.

Adiparva of Mahabharat tells us a story of Sage Dirghatamas fertilize the Queen of King Bali and gave birth five sons – Anga, Banga, Kalinga, Pundra & Sumha. by their names the janapadas were named. One can found other stories in various puranic texts related to this parts of India tells that this areas are outside of the Arya-Brahmin culture.

The name Bangla took shape much later in modern times. Pundra-Gour-Sumha-Rarh-Tamralipti-Samatat-Banga-Bangal-Harikel are some of the names of this parts of world.

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