Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Leto Gan folk song, variant of JATRA, combining dialogue, song, dance, music, and usually performed in the Burdwan area of WEST BENGAL.
Leto performers are classified as sakhi (friend), sangdar (clowns), pathak (reader), and dancers. Adolescent boys perform the part of women. Leto themes include social activities and daily rural life as well as myths, legends, and historical figures and events. As a teenager, KAZI NAZRUL ISLAM belonged to a leto group and wrote Rajputrer Sang, Chasar Sang, and Akbar Badsha in the leto style.
Leto contests are common. Each group is led by Goda Kavi, the master poet. Leto sessions usually take place after the winter harvest when farmers have some respite from work. Leto gan is purely for entertainment. The genre is mainly popular among Muslims, although people of all religions enjoy it.
[Wakil Ahmed]
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