Sunday, September 16, 2012

UTTORRONGO A 12 Report, উত্তররঙ্গ ১২ সমীক্ষা

Uttorrongo 12: A dream come trueThis is the first time in the history of West Bengal, when in a statewide initiative of traditional artists, artisans, weavers & performing artists came together to form two different organizations, Bangiyo Paramparik Kaaru O Bastro Shilpi Sangho & Bangiyo Paramparik Abhikaar Shilpi Sangho. Kalaboti Mudra, a research & documentation pioneer of Bengal initiated and facilitated this initiative & some of its members associated themselves in this process.  
These two organization registered in the month of July, 2011. It has originated a new trend in the cultural landscape of Bengal to launch North Bengal in Southern counterpart without the help of Private or Government donor agencies, or any corporate help. To make this event successful large numbers of people came together to help, including the member artists, artisans & performing artists.
From January onwards, Kalaboti Mudra is planning to organize an exhibition of creative ritual sholapith products of Madhumangal Malakar of Dinajpur, who supposed to be the Joint Secretary of these two. He is one of the finest traditional creative artisans of Bengal who is practicing & preserving his forefather’s cultural icons like, Musk, Horse of Pir, marriage head gear of various communities and participated in various international forums. Later this plan grows and became UTTORONGO 12.  
It was decided that we will not approach any funding or donor agencies to meet its huge cost burden. We are just in the process of searching for friends. Who are willing to contribute not only in this social event, but will be with us. It is an inspiring fact that more and more people organization came together to meet the challenges.   
Then our members came together to make this happen. We have listed at least 100 artisans wanted to participate. But we could accommodate only 35, later came 50. Then came Banglar Bratachari Samity and Gurusaday Museum. Not only they lend their exhibition space, they give away their fair ground, their staying accommodation for more then 200 artists and artisans(for first 4 days), later 75+. They are kind enough to become co-organizers and promised us to lend their helping hand whenever we propose. With the help of these two organizations the date was set to 10th to 20th May, 2012. We have inaugurated UTTORONGO 12 on the birth day of Sri Gurusaday DuttJi.
The organizing committee had promised the members to provide food and tea, accommodation and a shop space. They are ready to participate with their creativity. And thus a new beginning, a new initiative was born out of nowhere. We deliberately choose  the courtyard of Gurusaday Museum because it is beyond the reach of Kolkata. The dwellers of Bratachari Gram patronized these artists and artisan. In these 11 day extravaganza at least artifacts of more than 12 to 15 lakh was sold. All the traditional participants are smiling happily.
UTTORONGO 12 created a space for togetherness to the artists & artisan in a new way so that it can instill an environment of exchange of ideas in between themselves. We had a plan to organize a Story Telling workshop every day, but we could not. We have handed over writing khata to the artisans to write their philosophy, ideas and life & livelihood. And we had a plan to publish these by their name.
We could not forget the participation of Mahasweta Devi how wrote not only in the daily Bartaman, but promised us to be with us. We are thankful to Joya Mitra, Aloka Mitra, Shaktiman Ghosh, Sukhobilas Barma aqnd all the media people who have published and aired out event very spcially.
On the last day Kalaboti Mudra have published DINAJPUR KATHA, an anthology of write ups of noted folk researcher, Sunil Chanda of Dinajpur. We have humbly present Sammanana to Smt Ruby Pal Choudhury and other friends of artists and artisans as a LOKBANDHU SOMMANONA. Artisans also gave sommanona to their fellow artists as LOKBANGA SOMMANONA. The whole event was inaugurated by sri Madhai Rai Mohanta, an octogenarian KHON THEATRE artist and playwright. On that occasion MLA Sukhobilas Barma, Ruby Pal Choudhury, Banrun Chakrabarty,  Madhumangal Malakar, Bireshji were present. 
On the last day with the participation of Joya Mitra, Ratan Basumajumder & Sunil Chanda, the event was declared to be closed to promised all to be present on the next year on the same place on the same time with more planning and vigor. 
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