Friday, February 19, 2010

Pls Visit RaghabeswarShivaMandir. It is on the way to North Bengal

Another Update of RaghabeswarShivaMandir
Raja Raghab was the ancester of Raja Krishnachandra Roy of Krishnanagar, and at that time the capital of bengal is supposed to be at Krishnanagar.
He extablished this beautifully decorated temple at the 1591 shakabda at dignagar.
Pls visit Dignagar. This is just about 80 KM away from Kolkata on the NH 34, Just before Krishnanagar town.
These are some finer examples of our ancestors mastery over terracotta art. As proud Bengali we should pay and show our respect to these unsung masters and Kalaboti Mudra is working tirelessly in this direction.
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